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11 Japanese foods that you must taste

Who does not know Japan? The country which is located in East Asia is indeed famous for its culture, which makes the Sakura country a target of tourists from around the world. But it is not only culture that makes Japan interesting to visit, when you visit there, you must eat Japanese specialties that are delicious, sufficient protein and low in calories. Then what are the culinary? Here are 11 Japanese foods that you must taste.

1. Tempura

Tempura is a seafood dish, dipped vegetables into flour and egg yolk mixture, then fried. Tempura already existed in the Edo era, once sold by street vendors, now you can get it in all corners of Japanese restaurants.

2. Sushi

Same as tempura, Sushi is also included in seafood, to eat it you have to combine it with rice vinegar. Not only in Japan, you can also get sushi at Japanese restaurants in your area, yes, because sushi is already worldwide.

3. Ramen

Processed noodles are very famous even Uzumaki Naruto also makes ramen as a daily dish hehehe.
Usually the ramen mixture consists of chicken, seafood and pork broth. Not only sushi can be found throughout Japan, ramen also easy to find, yes, although each region has a different processing and taste.

4. Soba

Soba is a noodle made from buckwheat flour. In contrast to ramen, Soba has a strong taste and aroma, this naturally makes it delicious to consume. Soba can be found in supermarkets with its dry form and brown to gray and flat. If you buy it in a restaurant, the soba is served with gravy.


Yakiniku is a dish of meat that is grilled on fire from charcoal or gas that uses iron plates. Yakiniku includes various kinds of meat such as chicken, beef, lamb, pork by dipping it in sauce and then grilled. The quality of the meat for this dish is always kept because the fresher the meat, the more delicious it will be.

6. Yakitori

Yakitori is a piece of chicken stabbed using bamboo sticks, then grilled with charcoal or gas fire. When you order a yakitori, you will be asked which seasonings to use, soy sauce and salt are an option.

7. Curry Rice (Curry)

Curry Rice / Curry is also a popular food, the dishes are rice, vegetables, meat and curry sauce made from curry powder, flour and oil. Initially curry originated from India, then the British army introduced it to the Meiji era.


Sukiyaki consists of vegetables, tofu and beef which are thinly sliced ​​and then boiled in an iron pot on the dining table. Usually the beaten egg is added to the sauce, but each region has many variations in the way it is eaten and the ingredients of the dish.

9. Chanko nabe

This cuisine was originally consumed by wrestlers, aiming to accelerate weight gain. However, over time the general public also began to enjoy Chanko nabe. A variety of vegetables and meat are added to the sauce cooked in large pieces and then put into a large container which is suitable for wrestlers.

10. Jingisukan

Lamb meat which is grilled using a hot plate is one of the Favorite foods in Hokaido. When grilled, oil will come out of the meat and seep into onions, green peppers and other vegetables with soy sauce mixture makes Jingisukan taste sweet and delicious so this menu is often in demand.

11. Onigiri

This one menu is quite simple, this is simply onigiri only a ball or triangle-shaped rice filled with Salmon, chicken, dried plums. This food is easy to find in Japan because almost all Convenience stores sell it, even onigiri can get in a vending machine.

5 Dangerous Gangster in the world!

Evil will never disappear from the face of the earth, because every human being has different characteristics. Then what happens when these evildoers unite together as a group? yes, Gangster is a term for those whose lives are dedicated not to provide aid to victims of the civil war in Syria or other charity works but to commit crimes.


Many gangster are scattered in this hemisphere of the planet, which there are only hundreds of members or even tens of thousands. Violence, murder, weapons trafficking and narcotics have become the plotters' daily lives, so that when someone hears the word Gang, he may be frightened and call the authorities immediately. How scary are they? here is 5 dangerous ganster in the world!

1. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

In Los Angeles, US, an immigrant from El Salvador established the Mara Salvatrucha in 1980. The FBI began overseeing this Gang in 2005 because their number had reached 5,000 members. MS-13 is quite sadistic in carrying out the action, whoever it is that is considered an opponent, no matter adults, children, men or women they will not hesitate. Stealing, selling drugs and illegal firearms, murder, human trafficking are a series of crimes the organization has committed. Now Mara Salvatrucha has recruited up to 70,000 members, making them America's most dangerous gangster.

2. Aryan Brotherhood

MS-13 is crazy, but the Aryan Brotherhood is no less crazy. Called prison gangsters, they will not hesitate to do bad things for their cause. In US prisons, 30 percent of deaths are caused on average by this racist infamous gang. Aryan Brotherhood also often commits crimes outside the prison. In recruiting members, the Aryan Brotherhood only accepts white people and does not accept women.

3. Yakuza

Yakuza is a Japanese Gangster and the oldest in the world that has existed since the 17th century ago. This group has become an organized crime syndicate, in contrast to other gangsters, Yakuza is able to play its role in society, has members, offices and rules of the game. In the history of Japanese politics, there were several officials and politicians in the country of Sakura who included members of the Yakuza network, such as former Japanese law minister Keishu Tanaka, Nobusuke kishi, former prime minister and Noburu Takeshita, prime minister in 1987.

4. 18th Street

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In 1965 at Pico Union, a group of young people decided to establish a gang group called The 18th Street (M18). But who would have guessed that a small group that originally consisted of not more than 30 people now became a large group with a membership of 65,000. With a fairly large number of members, M18 became an American gangster who had a name. Many crimes are masterminded by them, members of 18 street are a group of ruthless people who are not afraid to die.

5. Los Zetas

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Los Zetas is a criminal syndicate originating from Mexico, founded in 2010 by a former elite Mexican special force (GAFE) who had worked as a mercenary for the Gulf cartel. The actions of Loz Zetas can be said to have been too cruel, such as kidnapping immigrants and killing them by cutting off their heads or even shooting them no matter if the victims were women. The savagery of Los Zetas even inspired ISIS.

That series of the most frightening gangster in the world, if you are pleased don't forget to share.